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Terms and conditions

Users must be 21 years of age and over and hold a valid driver's license.

Personal watercraft each have three seats and have a weight limit of 450lbs.

Users are responsible for their personal items

rental policy

  • you must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of your reservation.

NO REFUNDS for delays and your reservation will automatically CANCEL.

A fee of $ 5 will be charged for each minute of delay when returning the watercraft.

  • respect for rules and laws

Personal watercraft users must abide by the rules and laws imposed by Transport Canada.

  • Splashing with other users is illegal and will not be tolerated

  • A security deposit of $ 500 will be requested upon your arrival

This will be refunded to you at the end of the reservation after the watercraft has been checked.

We reserve the right to refuse to offer our services if we have any suspicion about your intoxication.


  • The costs and policy for deliveries remain the same as for on-site rentals.

The renter bears responsibility for all damages related to the Seadoo during the cottage rental period, including theft, loss, damage, natural disasters, and other unmentioned losses.


Usage of the Seadoo is limited to 5 hours daily; any additional time incurs a fee of $115 per hour, based on our daily rental rate.


The Seadoo must always be securely docked when not in use.


Our Trada employee will take pre-rental photos of the jet in your presence, ensuring proper docking. If a safe dock isn't available, a déplacement fee will be charged, and the reservation will be canceled.


Only two riders are permitted simultaneously. If stopped or pulled over by water police, Trada assumes no liability, as we inform renters of rules and policies in advance.


Certainly, here are the rules and policies for Seadoo cottage rental dropoff:

  • Condition of the Seadoo:** The Seadoo should be returned in the same condition it was in at the start of the rental period. Any damages or discrepancies will be assessed and may result in charges for repairs or replacements.

  • Cleaning:** Renters are responsible for cleaning the Seadoo before dropoff. Please remove all personal belongings and trash to ensure the Seadoo is tidy and ready for the next rental.

  • Fuel Level:** The Seadoo should be returned with the same fuel level as it had at the beginning of the rental. If not, refueling charges will apply.

  • Proper Docking:** Ensure the Seadoo is properly secured to the dock before leaving it for dropoff. Neglecting to dock it securely may result in damage, for which the renter will be held responsible.

  • Inspection:** Our staff will conduct an inspection upon dropoff to check for any damages or issues. Renters are encouraged to be present during this inspection to address any concerns.

  • Documentation:** A dropoff checklist will be provided for renters to review and sign, acknowledging the return of the Seadoo and its condition.

  • Additional Fees:** Any fees associated with late returns, refueling, damages, or other violations of the rental agreement will be charged to the renter's account.

  • Security Measures:** To prevent theft or damage, the Seadoo must be securely docked and locked when not in use, even during the dropoff process.

  • Safety Equipment:** Ensure that all safety equipment provided with the Seadoo is returned along with the watercraft.

  • Follow Local Regulations:** Renters are expected to adhere to all local laws and regulations while operating the Seadoo, including speed limits, no-wake zones, and watercraft operation guidelines.

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